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puti pierre



I grew up watching my mother lavish her skin with cream everyday.  At the age of 60, her skin was still soft and beautiful.  So naturally, I too quickly got in the habit of always using body creams and lotions on a daily basis.  But as I grew  older, I realized the lotions and creams I was buying in the retail market were not as rich and luxurious as I wanted.  


That motivated me to start creating my own creams using natural ingredients such as palm, mango and avocado butters, natural botanical extracts, and quality essential oils.

This was the beginning of Puti Pierre, a collection of natural creams that can be used on hair, face and body with gender neutral fragrances to be enjoyed by men and women.


 Like perfume, I love putting on cream and enjoying how it smells.  It's a lovely experience that not only moisturizes your skin or hair, but takes you away to another place as you enjoy the delightful fragrance blends.

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